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Below you will find a selection of links to both local and national press articles and interviews where Matthew and Grace discuss their healing experiences over the years.

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A story of Divine Healing. Mathew Lennon comes from a lineage of divine healers from Ireland, passed on in his family from Male to female. It is an extraordinary ability that has been honed through practice. He does it as beautifully as one would play the most exquisite instrument. With him is Grace, who shares her incredible story. Sent home to die after years of conventional medicine, a doctor wrote Mathews name on a script and the rest is history. Her story of complete healing is truly INspiring.


Grace Weston from Ireland was a young, fit and ambitious woman with a strong passion for playing football until at the age of 19 she developed shin splints. From here on in over the next 12 years Grace would be diagnosed with many problems and would vary depending on which consultant she met, ranging from kidney, lung, cardiovascular, liver failure, a lump on her breast, chronic Lyme disease, the list just got bigger but nobody had the answers Grace required to make her better. She was so weak her own parents had her under their own care 24/7 and would often have to carry her from the couch to the bathroom as she didn’t have the strength to walk by herself. Grace was notified in writing at one stage she was going to die a horrific death by liver failure and so for a whole month this is what she thought she was facing until at the end of the month she was told sorry that letter was for someone else.

Finally all hope from the medics was lost, they told her they can do no more, you are going to die and you have 14 days to live…until she met Matthew Lennon a healer from Ireland who saved Grace’s life but how did he do it when nobody else in the country and further afield could not? Tune into this episode and find out how he did as well as Grace telling her remarkable story in her own words.

Healing Hands – (Matthew Lennon Song)

Written By Eamon McPhilomey, Singer – Jim Corbett