Healing Options to suit all

We treat all illness / conditions / Injuries.

We treat patients worldwide regardless of the seriousness of their illness.

Our healing treatment has no limitations / boundaries.


Tailored Healing Program

We are now in a position to offer a Tailored Healing Program for a child, adult or family.  It is designed to suit you & your requirements anywhere in the world. This program will suit those with serious illness or people with special needs. I make my own diagnosis of a person’s illness & treat them accordingly.

Book Direct to book a consultation


Private Appointments 

Video Call Appointments are equally as effective as in person. We have been successfully treating people across the world through video appointments due to the nature & seriousness of their illness.

Two Options:

15 min Consultation & Intensive Individual Healing – Book Now

30 min Consultation & Intensive Individual Healing – Book Now


Hospital Private Appointments

For patients who are unable to take a video call while in hospital, we book a time slot and work on a photograph of the patient (provided by a family member).

Two Options:

15 min Intensive Individual Healing – Book Now

30 min Intensive Individual Healing – Book Now


Open Healing Days

For several years, Matthew has been using his unique Divine Healing Gift at various centres dealing with 150 – 350 patients attending on an open day. We have had incredible success over the years at our Open Healing Days with many instant healings (check out our testimonials).

We have decided to move our Open (FREE) Healing Event to online only to accommodate our clients worldwide.

To avail of our open (FREE) online healing event you must tune in directly to the live session on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. There is no limitations to the number of people that can tune into our live Healing event across the world (50,000 people plus tuned into our last live Healing Event).

For details of our next live Healing Event, keep an eye on our social media platforms for details.