Matthew Lennon Healer FAQs

What source does the Healing come from?

It’s a Divine source.

Is it Religious based?

I treat humans & animals alike, all creatures of the earth.

Does one need an open mind to get benefit from Healing?

Yes, you need an open mind, a positive attitude with the belief and the desire to get better.

What illnesses/conditions do I treat?

I have the ability to treat all illnesses / conditions.
Each person is different, I just need to see the person and work with them.
From our initial appointment, I make my own diagnosis in order to treat the patient.

Do I, the patient, only have to go once?

It depends on your condition, the cause of the problem, how long you have it etc.
E.g. If you have a simple problem such as warts, ringworms, simple skin disorders, you will probably have to come 3 times.
E.g. Obviously, if you have been having treatment for a number of years for one type of illness or another, don’t expect The Healer to cure it all in one session. Obviously, your effort and input will be instrumental in your recovery.

How many sessions do I the patient need?

Each person is different and responds differently. We evaluate your progress after each session.

Do I the patient have to do anything?

Yes, you need to work with me. If you have an addiction which is instrumental in bringing about your emotional or physical sickness, we need to discuss it together and you need to come to terms with it.

Do you give me herbs?

I recommend herbs, if I feel you need them.

How does the Healing work?

I have a Divine Healing Gift which allows me to make my own diagnosis and heal the cause of the problem.

Do I do Distant Healing?

We do Distant Healing when a patient is unable to travel to us e.g. because they are too ill or confined to bed.

What are the Healing Options?

Open Days, Private Appointments, Skype Appointments, Hospital Appointments, Healing Programmes.

What is involved in an Open Healing Day?

During an Open Healing Day, you just come along to the clinic location and wait your turn to be seen. On the day, you just sign your name when you arrive and then you will be called when it’s your turn. The Open Healing Days involve a donation of your choice or free to those who can’t afford a donation.

Do I do cures over the phone?

No, I don’t.

Do I treat children?

I treat children of all ages with all illnesses and conditions.

Is this New Age Healing?

No, it is not; it is as old as civilisation itself.

If you pay for a cure and it doesn’t work?

I don’t do cures, I’m a Healer.

What is my success rate?

The best way to judge my levels of success is to review the testimonials of past and current patients.

Am I the patient guaranteed a cure if I attend?

No, it depends on your input as well.