Matthew’s Timeless Healing Gift…


Timeless Healing…

Old Irish Healers, used Prayer & Gesture to cure simple illness like stopping the bleeding, curing ringworms, warts, shingles, skin problems, asthma & the whooping cough to name just a few. These Healers perhaps only had 1 or 2 cures. People would travel for days by walking / horse & cart from all over the country to get healed by those old Healers.

Old Irish Healers were looked after & helped in their community for the work that they did. Members of my family with old cures healed in their communities & were supported by the generosity of the patients they healed. People of that era did not have money to pay, they use their gifts (line of work) to help the healer who healed them. They helped with turf, hay, farming, repairing the house etc. whatever work was needed at the time.

While, I can do all these simple cures. My Healing Gift now takes me in a different direction focusing more on serious illnesses /conditions like treating the visually impaired, treating hearing loss, treating those with brain and spinal injuries, treating children that are nonverbal, treating pain & the cause of pain. We have approx. 1,000 videos testifying patient’s recovery from very serious illness. All can be viewed on our platforms.

I have devoted my entire life & attention to develop this special gift. My Gift gives me the ability to treat all conditions. I make my own diagnosis and treat people accordingly. My focus is on working with patients who are deemed in curable.

Of course not everyone will benefit from our Healing, some would say you are the Healer, you do the healing. I won’t change my lifestyle, my habits, my addiction etc. Obviously with that mindset you wouldn’t expect to get Healed. Some people are very complacent about their Healing Result, not knowing that this type of Healing, takes a life time of practice.

Everyone is given a gift from God, are you using your God give gift to help others? Your gift might be that of teaching, of painting, of writing, of communications, the gift of leadership the gift to do medicine & science, the gift of logic, the gift of manually work, the gift of using your hands?

Do you get paid wages for using your gift or do you do it for free?

Some of you tell me that my Healing Gift should be different, in your opinion it should be free? Why??

My Gift is no different to your gift.