About Matthew Lennon – Irish Healer

I have a Divine Healing Gift which has been in my family for many centuries, providing Healing for both humans and animals through the use of prayer and / or the laying of hands.

My Gift is very rare & special to me, I use it on patients regardless of their illness or disability, it has no boundaries & no limitations. I deal with the most complex & serious illnesses imaginable from brain damage to other major diseases in the body. (check testimonials)

I have devoted my entire life and attention to the development of this special Gift. I am currently the only member of my family who can use this special / rare Gift. When I’m finished using this Gift, it will be passed to another member of my family.

You cannot take a course & learn how to use this Gift nor can anyone outside my family use it.

The power of my Healing Gift has no limitations, provided that the person receiving the Healing is compatible, open minded & believes in the power of The Divine.

As part of my Gift, I make my own diagnosis of a patient’s illness & treat them accordingly.

Each patient’s illness is unique to them, there is always a cause for illness, whether it be genetic, food abuse or exposure to too much toxicity, to name just a few. I treat each patient on an individual basis according to their illness & my own diagnosis.

The turning point & highlight of my career as a Healer came about in 2014 when Gracie came to my clinic in complete organ failure after been treated for 10 years in different parts of the Europe, she was sent home to die.

A Doctor recommended that she come to me for treatment, stating “if I couldn’t help her, nobody could”.
Gracie made a Miraculous recovery from my Healing Treatment & returned to competitive sport 10 months later.

Her true & incredible story will be released worldwide, and we will discuss in detail her inspirational story.

View & read over 1,000 Testimonials as I have had incredible success over the years with many instant Healing Miracles.

Have A Blessed Day,