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An Irish Healer with a unique Divine Healing Gift, treating all illness / injuries in both humans & animals alike.

World Healing Foundation

World Healing Foundation is based on 4 pillars – Food, Shelter, Clothing & Healing.

We believe that food, shelter and clothing are everyone’s basic rights, we also believe there is an abundance of food, shelter, and clothing to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Greed causes imbalance: wealth and poverty are the extremes. To share one’s wealth with those in need, does make one a better person mentally and spiritually. We kindly ask you to support World Healing Foundation.

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Pandemic & The Change To Our Way Of Life.

News 18/01/2021
Our Healing events which attracted 100’s and 1,000’s of people all witnessed & received benefit from the work we do. Our open days were centred around emotion, shock, Miracles and happiness. The rewarding experiences made the long hours meaningful and our days were filled with satisfaction and joy.

Live Healing Session

News 08/07/2020
For several years, Matthew has been using his unique Divine Healing Gift at various centres across Ireland dealing with 150 – 350 patients attending on an open day.

Irish Healer Testimonials

Irish Healer Testimonials

“I remember shuffling into him on the first night, I was wrapped up in layers of clothes, as the coldness was unbearable. I wasn’t able to talk to anyone and the voices in the waiting room were piercing through my head. One woman in the waiting room thought I was going to die.

I have been attending him a couple of times a week over the last year. After a number of weeks, I could see myself improving; the pain was starting to ease.”

Grace (Lyme Disease Patient)

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Get in touch with Matthew Lennon on 087 127 2323 / 086 892 8912 (Text Only)

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